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Brisk Management:

How to Train Your Staff to Take Care of Your Kids

70 pages | 8.5" x 11" | 3rd edition | PDF ebook

Brisk Management has been designed for summer Camp Directors, Youth Program Directors, and everyone who needs to hire, train, and develop staff to work caringly with children. Brisk Management's 40 guide-sheets and information-sheets are designed to be printed from your home or office (or copy shop) printer, all at the size of 8.5x11". Purchasing this ebook gives you the rights to print the pages and use them in your training at one location. 

The material is based on the author's experience as the Director of an overnight summer camp (accredited by the ACA), and his presentations at an ACA National Camp Conferences, and an International Camp Conference. The work is divided into 10 areas:

  1. A. Begin With the Essential Things
  2. The Art of Hiring: How To Choose Persons Who Care
  3. Safety First --- and Last, and Always
  4. Planning Games and Learning
  5. Heart Work: Training Your Staff to Work Caringly and Creatively with Kids
  6. Preventing and Managing Modern Problems
  7. Going Green: How To Save the Earth, Love Nature, and Respect All Living Being
  8. Planning Your Orientation Week and In-Service Training Sessions
  9. A Personal Message: The Importance of a Positive Attitude
  10. Resources for Learning More

These worksheets will help you to hire and train the best staff members, and save you tons of time and stress.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file